Banquet Hall Rental Policy


Reservation and Booking

    • Eligibility
      • The banquet hall is available for rental to individuals and organizations that align with the values and principles of Islamic Center of Johnson County (ICJC) 
      • Priority may be given to patrons of ICJC and affiliated groups. 
      • Any event or organization that has a conflict of interest with ICJC as an organization or with its values and mission will not be allowed to rent ICJC banquet hall. The final approval of banquet hall rental is decided by the board of trustees of ICJC. 
    • Reservation Process
      • All reservations must be made in advance through the designated booking system on the ICJC Website. 
      • A completed application form and deposit are required to secure the reservation. 
    • Reservation Fee
      • A non-refundable reservation fee is due upon booking to secure the date. 
      • Full payment of the rental fee is required before the event date.

Facility Usage

    • Event Types
      • Events held in the banquet hall should be in accordance with Islamic principles and local laws. 
      • Events promoting activities contrary to Islamic values or ICJC values are not allowed. 
      • Restriction on Political Events: The hall is not available for political events, campaigns, or activities that advocate for specific political parties, candidates, or ideologies. The Board of Trustees may hold bi-partisan events at their discretion. This policy ensures the hall remains a place for community, cultural, and educational gatherings within the scope of Islamic principles. 
    • Decorations 
      • Decorations must be modest and in line with Islamic principles. 
      • No permanent alterations or damage to the facility are allowed. 
    • Catering
      • Only halal catering services are permitted. 
      • Alcohol and non-halal food items are strictly prohibited on the premises. 

Rules and Regulations 

    • Dress Code: Guests should adhere to a modest dress code in accordance with Islamic traditions. 
    • Noise Control: Music and other audio must be kept at a reasonable volume, respecting the surrounding community and Islamic center activities. 
    • Respectful Behavior: We expect respectful behavior, ensuring all guests adhere to the center’s values and maintain a peaceful, inclusive atmosphere. 
    • Prayer Area Access: Since the hall is in the same building as our prayer area, it is recommended to maintain reverence for worshippers. 
    • Duration of Event: Events should conclude at the agreed-upon time to respect the Islamic center’s operational hours. 
    • Post Event Checklist: Post-event checklist must be reviewed and completed via the website at the end of the event. 

Security and Liability

    • Security Deposit 
      • A refundable security deposit may be required to cover potential damage or violations of the rental policy. 
    • Liability 
      • The Islamic center is not liable for any loss, damage, or theft of personal property during the event. 
      • Waiver of Liability must be accepted via the form on the website 
    • Insurance 
      • Renters may be required to provide event insurance, depending on the event’s nature. 

Cancellation and Refund 

    • Cancellation Policy 
      • Cancellation notifications must be made in writing. 
      • All dues paid are non-refundable.  


    • Compliance with Local Laws 
      • Renters must comply with all local laws and regulations during their event. 
    • Compliance  
      • Renters are required to agree and adhere to the established policies and guidelines. Violating the policies and guidelines may result in fines or other repercussions as decided by ICJC administration. 
    • Right to Refuse Service 
      • The Islamic center reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or organization that does not align with its values or violates the rental policy.